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Link wearing the Magic Armor ( TP - in progress)
It's been a long time since I didn't post anything, so, here is a model on which I'am working. ;)
I'm modeling the Magic Armor from TP and making a hatless version, which will be used in a future Fanart. It will come soon :) .
I'm working on a new project. It takes a lot of time to do but I'll do my best ^^
The final battle has come ( Zelda TP fanart)
Hi, this is the last render I made and I'm proud to present it to you ^^. It represents Link and Zelda riding Epona during the second part of the final fight against Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I hope you will like it ^^. Made with Blender 3D.
During an attack led by the strengths of the darkness against Hyrule, Zelda and Link bravely fought to protect their kingdom. Unfortunately, Zelda succumbed during this fight by protecting Link of an attack which would has been fatal to him. Nevertheless, the battle was won and Hyrule was protected. This is what happened next.

Three days. It's been three days since Link could not sleep because of what happened recently. He still could not believe it: she was no longer in this world. Yes, the only person who understood him, to whom he could confide about those legends that only he and she knew, the person he loved was no longer alive. It was Zelda.
He blamed himself a lot, he thought it was all his fault and he could have done something. He felt cowardly and thought he was not worthy of the title of legendary hero. He didn’t know what to do.
While Ganondorf was still alive, Hyrule had no one to lead and protect it. The hope of the inhabitants was being dissipated, the kingdom no longer had its princess, its leader who was just, honest and benevolent towards her people.
Link was desperately searching a solution because he knew that Zelda's absence would be beneficial to Ganondorf and that if no one was quickly restored to the throne, Hyrule would have trouble recovering its former splendor. Although he had long fought alone, he knew that Zelda was doing a lot of things too and that each time it was together that they brought peace back to Hyrule.
That night, Link finally managed to sleep after several days without sleep. His sleep was a little agitated, he thought again about recent events and especially about Zelda. He would like to be so close to her and can’t think he will never see her again. Suddenly, a dazzling white light appeared in his dream. At first, what he saw was fuzzy, and then, little by little, the light took on the appearance of a pretty young woman. She began to speak to him in a voice that was familiar to him and said: "Do not be afraid, it's only me". Hearing this voice, It could not be otherwise for Link, this young woman couldn’t be anyone else, except Zelda, which turned out to be true.
Link didn’t know what to say, he smiled slightly and tears began to run down his face. He approached her and she took him in her arms.
She said to him, crying and with a benevolent smile, "Don’t worry, wherever I am, I will watch over you, just as you have always been there for me".
Link stammered: "Zelda, y ... you ... I miss you a lot. I don’t know what to do for Hyrule, you represent so much for me and I'm afraid of not succeeding to bring peace back alone. "
- "Don’t worry Link, I have complete confidence in you and I have faith in your success.” She said benevolently.
- "But there is so much to do, there is no one to represent Hyrule, and even if I managed to repel the evil, there would be a lot of sequelae, because the inhabitants have no longer someone to follow, in who they will believe to maintain the peace and prosperity of the kingdom. " He said, tilting his head.
"Look at your left hand Link." Zelda said.
Link complied and discovered with amazement that the mark of the Triforce on his hand began to shine. The two bottom triangles were brighter than ever and the top one shone a little. This was no longer a doubt. He was not only the bearer of the fragment of Courage, the eternal symbol of the hero of Hyrule, but now he also possessed the fragment of Wisdom, a symbol of the royal family for generations. Seeing that, Link was confused, Zelda spoke again and her face suddenly had a more solemn expression, and she said, "I made you my heir Link."
- "But ... I ... how is this possible?” He replied.
"Before I succumbed, I made sure that the fragment of the Triforce that was in my possession came back to you, because I didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. I also made this choice because you are the only person I fully trust. "
- "It's an honor, but ... I'm afraid to disappoint you, because I don’t know how to run a kingdom".
- "Don’t worry, I believe in you and your success, I can no longer do anything for our beloved land, but whatever happens I will always watch over you, because I love you. "
- " I love you too.” He hastened to answer.
Silence came, they hugged each other, and Zelda continued: "The Triforce of wisdom is yours. I wanted you to own it. Now, I don’t want to force you to take the throne of Hyrule, I know you already have a heavy burden to carry and that everyone has already suffered enough. I would just like peace to come back and everyone can live happier days again. ".
After a short pause, Link made this decision: "I don’t want to see our world collapse either, I will do everything I can to protect the kingdom and I will make sure that we never forget you. "
- "Link, it's very brave of you and it's also a very great decision. I love you so much that I didn’t want to talk to you about it, for fear of worrying you, and you had enough to do like that.", Zelda said with a slight smile.
Then she resumed with a slightly worried air: "There is one last thing I would like to share with you. As you know, in our world there is a balance with the Triforce. The Legend said that long time ago, when the Hylians lived on an island in the sky, they had frequent contact with the gods. It is said that when an ancient evil broke its millennial seal, a Hero appeared and took out the Master Sword from its base. So, carrying the Light, he helped our protective goddess, Hylia, and both rejected the Incarnation of Evil to protect the Triforce and our world. It is said that since this time, it’s the respective descendants of the first Hero and of the Goddess who protect Hyrule and the Triforce. And to maintain the balance, there is always a descendant of the Hero and a descendant of the Goddess who are born the same day and their success will decide of the maintenance of peace. Being a member of the royal family, I inherited the blood of the Goddess, and you are the bearer of the spirit of the first Hero, which means that it’s us who must ensure peace now. Link, you are the only one of us who is still alive, and only through you can the spirit of the Hero and the blood of the Goddess be transmitted.
There is a much less well-known part of the legend, which says that the first Hero and the Goddess would have had a child, which would mean that we are both bound by blood, although being born of different families. That's why I only saw you as my successor. "
A long moment of silence took place. They were alone in this dream, Link knew it was probably the last time he saw Zelda. So they took advantage of this solitude to forget the rest and just spend a moment together. They hugged each other and stayed that way for a long time.
They both smiled, tears ran down their cheeks and they made each other last hug before leaving. Link knew that his decision would forever change his life but he was happy to be able to do something for Zelda and Hyrule. He knew that having to reign over Hyrule and be the hero was a big task, but he was confident. Zelda, meanwhile, was worried about Link, she was afraid that he won’t come out with the new role he has, but at the same time she had faith in him.
Zelda approached Link and said, "Don’t worry Link, I'll be fine, I believe in you. Have no fear, I will always watch over you. I know it will take time to get used to your new role, but I will always be there to advise you, if you need help, go to the Temple of Time and pray the statue of the Goddess to be able to communicate with me. "
Then, Link said with a slight smile, "I love you Zelda, I made this choice and I don’t regret it. I know I will never see you again and my life is changed forever, but anyway I will never give up on Hyrule and basically I owe you that, you saved my life. And .. if I have a daughter, I'll call her Zelda, in memory of you, and, that's a pretty name I think. ".
Zelda smiled and took Link one last time in her arms and said:
"Thanks for everything you did, I'm sure you'll succeed! Go now. From now on, you are the King of Hyrule, this is your new identity, don’t forget it. All Hyrule count on you and believe in you. We all believe in your success! Now we have to leave Link and ... thanks again, thanks for everything. " They parted because the time to get up was approaching.
Link woke up quietly and discovered little by little that he was no longer in his original home in Ordon village but in Zelda's room, at Hyrule Castle, his castle now. He still felt a little stunned and then opened the shutters. The sun was shining outside and everything seemed to be going well, a wind of peace was blowing on Hyrule. Link saw his reflection in the mirror of the room and blushed in front of his new outfit. He was now richly dressed, his old green tunic was now red, he wore two pauldrons, the same as Zelda, and now had a crown. It was like Zelda's, though with a slight difference. Above the jewel was a small ornament, reminiscent of a bay leaf. Then, he opened the closet and found that some of his old belongings were there. The Master Sword and its scabbard were waiting for Link to take them again. He was also now the legitimate owner of the Bow of Light.  Beside his sword stood his old arsenal, including his grapple. He equipped his sword and his bow, and then, taking a last look out of the window , said to himself:
"Now this kingdom is mine and I must protect it. Zelda and all the people of Hyrule are counting on me. It’s my duty not to disappoint them and accomplish my quest. I must protect Hyrule and make peace there, because deep down I am still Link, hero of Hyrule, but now I am also the King of this kingdom which saw me born. I must continue my quest, and defeat Ganondorf, to definitely restore the peace and prosperity of the kingdom. I don’t want to disappoint Zelda, she has confidence in me, so let's go! Let's go save Hyrule! In the sake of peace, justice and all the inhabitants! "
Then confident, he took the direction of the door and went on his quest, knowing that Zelda was counting on him and that wherever he was, she would watch over him.

To be continued...
The Heir of Hyrule ( original version - part 1)
Here is a little fan fiction in which I imagined what would happen and who would replace her if (sadly) Zelda died. It's the original version of the text. There will be a sequel of this fan fiction. I hope you will like it. =)


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